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Committed to safe, reliable & affordable water for our community.

Are your water bills too high?  If you think so, I agree with you! 

Not only are rates too high, the State is planning to dramatically restrict your individual water use – meaning rates will rise further.  We must stop the State from dictating our local affairs!

I believe:

  • In lower water costs and freedom to use water we have developed locally over the past 30 years without State interference;
  • Water is a public trust and we should be good and diligent stewards of our natural resources;
  • The best government is small government, closest to the people and more attuned and responsive to its constituency;
  • The State should use some of its $100B budget surplus NOW and build massive storage for the whole state to catch runoff before it reaches the sea.

During my term at Rincon, just a few of the things we accomplished have been:

  • We supported building the Carlsbad desalination plant;
  • I chaired a group of North County agencies that changed the way the San Diego County Water Authority charges for water, saving more than $1M/yr;
  • We helped our customers save more than 100 million gallons by detecting leaks through technology;
  • We returned more than $1.2M in overcharges by MWD directly to you this year.

THANK YOU for entrusting me with important and difficult decisions on your water.  I am humbled by your support and will continue to fight for our local rights, lower costs, more reliable and higher quality water!